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A Solution to Streamline Success on Amazon

Kapoq is an easy-to-use platform that assists you in making informed
business choices for success.
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Designed to Help Brands Simplify, Scale, and Succeed on Amazon

Alerts, insights, and reporting to help you succeed and scale your brand on Amazon.

Interconnected modules engineered to help you manage your brand while understanding how to upscale and be a successful seller on Amazon.

From Complicated and Confusing, to Calm and Focused

A single, chaos-free place to manage and succeed on Amazon.

Kapoq has eliminated the anxiety around selling on Amazon through a simplified platform that has everything you need to manage your brand, all in one place.

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Everything you Need to Succeed—All in One Place


Kapoq alerts help you to focus on important issues and provides specific recommended actions.

Actionable Data
and Analytics

Measure progress, follow trends, discover, and focus efforts on generating lifelong customers.


Kapoq’s integration introduces new brands seamlessly and effortlessly into the e-commerce world.

True Insights
and Reporting

Kapoq provides analysis of the data, and through reporting, makes suggestions and recommendations.


Track, Monitor, and Improve Your Brand’s Overall Health

The proprietary K-Score provides a grade for every aspect of your account to let you know how well you are doing compared to best practices for Amazon success.

Six Interconnected Modules

Manage all aspects of your Amazon store simply and effectively from one easy dashboard.


Increase sales and product visibility by optimizing listing using Amazon best practices.


Streamline the re-stocking process using custom demand forecasts, inventory alerts, and storage limit-aware recommended actions.

Customer Experience

Track negative reviews and return trends to quickly identify and resolve problems impacting negative customer experiences.


Supercharge your results using rock-solid bid automation, inventory and review-aware alerts, and best of breed keyword harvesting.


Analyze profits with a transparent and comprehensive view of advertising fees, platform fees, and per-product ROI.


Identify the cause of performance trends using our comparison tool, merging all of your account data in one easy-to-use tool.

One License. Unlimited Brands. Unlimited Users.


+ % of revenue*


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With a 30-day free trial, you can give Kapoq a try before committing.
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Ready to Finally
See the Forest For the Trees?

Simplify, Focus, and Improve Your Selling on Amazon

Let our data-driven, end-to-end solution lead the way.

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