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Helping Breetly Drive Efficient Ad Spend

How Breetly Leveraged Kapoq to Drive Efficient Ad Spend

When the Kapoq team met Breetly, they were interested in exploring software solutions that could complement their current approach when managing accounts on Amazon. Specific solutions to manage advertising optimization on Amazon were of the utmost importance.

To prove Kapoq a viable software to bring aboard, Breetly would start by testing our Advertising Module for advertising management which includes our bidding automation, Customer Experience module for review solicitation, and our powerful Analytics module for diagnostics and reporting.

Breetly established advertising strategies to accommodate a robust catalog across products at different stages of the product life cycle. Varying goals were put in place to automate bid management and the Breetly team approved Kapoq bid suggestions daily monitoring performance changes.

Within the first 55 days we’re proud to share how effective they were:


Spend: Up


Ad Sales: Up


ACOS: Improvement (52% ACoS to 32%)


TACOS: Improvement (22% TACoS to 14%)


CPC: Improvement ($0.48 to $0.39)
Conversion Rates Improved

How did they get here?

Kapoq helped drive spend more effectively and Breetly experience improved advertising conversion rates.

Conversion Rates improved 21.1%

Summary: Breetly has since integrated additional accounts and has seen consistent results utilizing Kapoq’s advertising solutions. Their story is far from over and will continue to evolve over time.

If you’re interested in learning more about Kapoq and how partners like Breetly have driven improvements across advertising, please reach out.

*Breetly is a consultative services company supporting sellers on Amazon and other marketplaces. Their services range from Account Management, Advertising, Content Creation, and more.

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