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Clozex: Launching an Amazon Channel

A Success Story: Launching an Amazon Channel

Clozex, a manufacturer of high-precision, non-invasive skin closure devices that have transformed the first-aid treatment of minor lacerations, sought to expand into their next untapped frontier: Amazon.   

As a product manufacturer, Clozex has limited resources focused on DTC and had no prior experience selling directly on Amazon.  Clozex looked to strategic partnerships to move quickly to ascend to a leadership position in Amazon’s First Aid category.

Clozex selected a strategic Amazon agency to aid in developing an Amazon strategy and chose Kapoq as its end-to-end Amazon sales operations platform.  Within weeks the collaboration created both the strategy and foundation for Clozex to build a profitable Amazon DTC channel.  Leveraging Kapoq’s transparent data-driven modules the team was able to deliver the brand a complete Amazon sales solution.

Kapoq's Powerful End-to-End Solution

Kapoq’s comprehensive capabilities allowed Clozex, in partnership with their Amazon agency, to manage and execute on all aspects of their Amazon presence, including:

  1. Detailed sales and inventory forecasts leveraging sales history, growth goals, and inventory positions at both the account and SKU level.
  2. Initial Amazon Advertising strategies and budgets including recommendations and target performance metrics to fuel automated bid optimization.
  3. A brand-tailored Amazon business dashboard with KPI metrics clearly displayed against target performance goals and proactive alerts to immediately notify the team of opportunities to improve performance.

The Results Are In.


↑ Product Sales


↑ Ads Sales

 When matched with the proper strategy and technology, Clozex’s product strength delivered equally strong Amazon sales performance.  With the same internal team, product sales increased 155% year over year.  Armed with profitable sales and customer acquisition data, Clozex leaned further into Amazon advertising and advanced strategies.  Kapoq’s intelligent advertising automation aided Clozex to grow ad spend by 309% and ad sales by 325%, further driving the Amazon flywheel for the brand.

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